PM Narendra Modi's Gift : Scheme National Digital Health Mission.

PM Narendra Modi’s Gift: Scheme National Digital Health Mission

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PMO can give a big gift to the country on Independence Day.
Prime Minister can launch ambition plan National Digital Health Mission.
This scheme will start with four features.
Extreme care of privacy, will apply all over the place.

New Delhi:

PM Narendra Modi can give a big gift to the India on 15 August tomorrow. According to reports, PM Modi may declare the launch of ‘National Digital Health Mission’ from the barricades of the Red Fort. It is said that this scheme like ‘Ayushman Bharat’ can prove beneficial for people living in remote areas. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be more emphasis on healthcare and medical services in Modi’s speech. PM can also announce something on a unique identity number.

Also, there is a plan to digitize personal medical records, testing centers, medical institutes and state medical councils. In fact, Any medical expert of the nation can check people living in remote areas.

This plan will launch with 4 features:

The scheme will be launched with four features.

The first would be Health ID
Personal Health Records, Digi Doctor
Health Facility Registry.
E-pharmacy and telemedicine services
Guidelines are creating for this.

Optional joining scheme:

In this app, it will be optional to involve any resident of the nation. In fact, no emphasis will be put on it. The health record will be shared only after the approval of the person concerned. Similarly, providing information of this app to hospitals and doctors will be optional. However, the government said that given the usefulness of this app, it can include many people.
National Health Authority (NHA) Chief Executive Indu Bhushan said that implementing NDHM will increase the capacity, transparency of health services. With this plan, India will also move quickly towards achieving the goal of United Nations Global Health Coverage.

Goal of the plan:

creating advance digital health system and managing health data.
Quality enhancing and dissemination of health data collection.
To prepare an updated and correct health registry for the entire country immediately.

What is in the plan:

1-Health ID
2-Personal Health Care Record
3-Digi Doctor
4-Health facility registry

Guidelines for the app:

People joining this app depends on their wish.

Private and security attention
Inclusive information
Simple process

NHA has made this application:

NHA, which has implemented the world’s biggest health plan Ayushman Bharat, has made this application and site. However, this plan is being viewed as a significant plan in the social healthcare sector after Ayushman Bharat.

Implementation in a phased manner:

The NDHM scheme will be implemented in a phased manner in the nation. Initially, it will implemented in some selected states. The Finance Ministry has approved the amount of Rs 470 crore for this scheme. However, Extreme care of privacy, ID will apply everywhere. Privacy has been to deal with this plan. In fact, Information will not share without the will of the concerned people. Also, people will likewise give the option to see their health information. People can also link their Aadhaar card to this scheme.
In fact, Health ID will apply in all states, hospitals, testing centers and pharmacy in the nation.

People will have a big benefit from the scheme:

However, An official said, NDHM plan will be optional. Because of this system will strengthen. It will be 100 percent elective. In fact, it is created in such a way that it will benefit a lot and everyone feel that no one will deny this scheme. In fact, No one can view a person’s data without his permission. It will also involve the government of the nation..

The benefits of Digi Doctor:

However, The Digi Doctor option will allow all doctors in the nation to register on this application. In fact, Doctors can also give their phone numbers. It will provide these doctor’s digital signature for free. Also, they can use it while writing the form.
In addition, the health facility will get a unique electronic identifier. This will work in two ways. 
First, it will ensure that many health facilities are good and checked. Second, that the facility has got many clearances.

However, The NDHM scheme is a step towards making India a digital health nation in the world. This platform is ready.

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