Digitalized 21st Century

Era of Modern Lifestyle: Digitalized 21st Century

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The 21st century has been a thrilling time for those of us who senses the exciting fields of technology. For those who were born in any of the earlier decades; they had the chance to bear witness to several most vital growths and progresses in the human history.  Human innovations and technologies have formed civilizations. In fact, it remodeled life on the Earth. As prospects and potentials develop, every new era carries its own set of modern brains.

As you most likely guessed, today we will take a quick look at several inventions from the 21st century. What makes this time period different and fairly thrilling is that there are a lot of innovations from this time. These are exceptional in comparison with earlier time periods in the human history. In fact, there’s a reality that you can’t live without a few of these inventions on this list.

1. Evolution of Android

The smartphones are the gadgets, liable for riding the lives and industry at bolt’s speed. In fact, the technology has raised the need to explore the functions through the mode of automation. However, the operating system installed on smartphones is a dazzling name; it helps to drive the technology at the verge of each living being via the handheld gadget. The era has proved the names of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android as key players.

What is Android

Android is an open source, Linux-based software system for mobile devices. In fact, Google runs and handles the Android OS since its launch date. However, the devices like smartphones and tablet computers are functioning through Android. The ASCII text file for Android is out there under open source software rights. Also, Google publishes most of the code under the Apache License version 2.0. In fact, the APIs, Libraries, Linux kernel changes etc. are under the GNU License.

Android Applications

Android apps using the SDK tools written in Java for its working. It functions a huge number of cell phones over 190 nations around the globe. In fact, over 1 million Android devices are regularly operating all over the world. In fact, there are over 3.3 million applications are available on Google Play Store.

2. Social Media

It is mostly a channel of communication. In fact, conversation efforts started seeing this network to be useful to keep all the distant relatives and friends in touch. It just changed the way of contact pretty much drastically. The definition of youth has changed as ‘Being cool’ because of the impact of social platforms. The best strength of social media is the direct contact with any person in the corners of the world.

Nowadays, most of the people found using smartphones in day-to-day life. In fact, most of the people are using social media services. They are putting their efforts to feature themselves in front of the world to stand something special. Every time they try to attract the public to visit their profiles. Also, by using social media many industries increase their client base. However, the research has shown that 81% of buyers look at the details of a product on the Internet before buying it. It also tells that people are spending average 2-3 hours a day on social media.

Social Media


It is the most popular medium all over the world (over 2 billion users). It is an effective channel of social connect for people, businesses. In fact, there are so many features in WhatsApp which helps to simplify the formal and informal talks.


It easily identifies the area of interest of the people. In Facebook, users are taking efforts to get likes, comments and shares to their uploaded content. In fact, the user-generated content can be in the form of text, image or video format. Also, by using Facebook pages user can promote their firm by some popular business identity. It also provides a great way to make Facebook ads to the locals. However, Facebook has nearly 2.6 billion users linked to them.


It is the largest social network in the world for professional community. It has over 706 million user profiles listed from 200 plus countries.


It is another option if which attracts the new generation to a greater extent. It is a superb platform to share quality content and reach out the target audience. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing platform nowadays.


There is a business saying, ‘Listen to the customer’. By using tweeter, anyone can know the current trends in market. In Twitter, People also can follow the VIPs, Celebrities to know the updates. In fact, they get the facility to post tweets about their business on twitter handle.

3. GPS Tracking

The Global Positioning System means GPS is a satellite navigation system formed of 24 satellites or more. GPS keeps working for the entire 24 hours a day. It performs its duties in all weather forecasts. Also, it serves all over the world, with no subscription fees or setup costs. Initially, the U.S. Department of Defense (USDOD) placed the satellites into orbit for army use. However, in the 1980s they made the GPS available for civilians use.

In recent years, GPS has used intensively as receivers for paths. It also uses in navigations apps that tells us the location of a person. In addition, it also guides about the travel route map between places. However, GPS also used to make digital maps. In fact, GPS systems widely used not only by individuals but also by diverse industries, for various purposes. It plays a key role for farmers, pilots, surveyors, boat captains, navy and scientists and many others. Apart from this commonly used GPS, there are plenty other superior apps available in smartphones. In fact, these are very accurate location finding apps used in various industries for special tasks.

There are so many industries making use of this resource (GPS). Industries like Aviation, Farming, Science, Marine, Military, Heavy vehicle guidance are well-known GPS tracking industry sectors. It also used in keeping watch of the aged people, pets, children, school buses and much more.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a Remote data storage System. In this a user can store, manage, backup and access a vast amount of data. Also, user can retrieve his/her data whenever need arises; for that internet connection is a must. In fact, user need not to carry the physical storage devices, as it stores data on remote location. In fact, user can access the data from anywhere via internet.

Cloud Storage Invention

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider is the computer scientist who invents the cloud storage in 1960. Also, in 1983 compuserve offers disk space to their clients to store data and files.

Types of Cloud Storage

  • Public cloud storage
    • User’s data stored in the data center at multiple regions. This data is accessible for everyone with simple authentication and free to access.
  • Private cloud storage
    • The data stored remotely same as public cloud storage but only allowed people or organizations can access it.
  • Hybrid cloud storage
    • It is a mix of private and public data storage with layers of protections and subscription basis (free).

How Does it Works

In fact, user sends data files to cloud servers instead of storing them on their own hard drives. In addition, data centers have the large number of hard drives along with SSD drives at a remote location. User’s data get store on remote storage locations. At a later time, users can request for their data from anywhere via internet.

Examples of Cloud Storage Systems

There are many known cloud storage systems available in the market. However, the most common are Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, One Drive, Media Fire,, Mega and many others.

Advantages of Digital Era

  • The digital era brings a good deal of knowledge on our fingertips. It is possible just because of the centralization and easy accessibility of knowledge. 
  • We’re additionally better in a stand to talk new views thanks to digital progress, which helps them to stretch out more swiftly.
  • It has opened up a fresh world of freedom in terms of jobs, because of the remote working that the internet has allowed for.
  • In fact, it has also rebuilt our power to speak. However, with quite a few apps which permit us to send messages to one another instantly and in many file formats.
  • Digital time has built up modern opponents a lot that clients now have so many choices to pick from.

Disadvantages of Digital Era

  • The ease of contact can have an adverse influence on our real-life social senses and weakens the power of the group.
  • Technology eliminates human error; but it’s not resistant to failure so by relying on something that’s not 100% dependable; we’re running the threat of giving up control of our assets. 
  • The fast-paced, flat nature of digital networks may create a more passive society. Such a way, they could not think about concepts on a deeper stage or with no passion.
  • Easy accessibility to data will increase the prospect of its misuse.

At one time, the most popular cellphone in the marketplace was the Blackberry. The phone featured with a heavy case, cumbersome buttons and basic entertainment. When going online, customers waited a vigorous amount of time. Also, while tuning in to a siren music of squelches and squeals as their computer systems linked to the Web. One caveat about smartphones is that the gadgets began off giant, fell off to nearly nothing. In fact, at the moment these are rising in size once again. The weight of the smartphones is also nominal nowadays. In lots of fields, client wants and expects result in a product that adjustments thoroughly as its market grows. As of now, the technology has improved drastically. With the proper tools, there’s no limit to what developers can build using the expertise.

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